Bulla food truck activation image

Let Them Taste Your Product With Food Truck Sampling

We specialise in food truck sampling helping our clients share their latest products with the public. Food truck sampling activations are welcomed with open arms by all walks of life in neighbourhoods around Australia. The Promo Wheels food truck has visited countless towns with locals who love to try the latest products for our clients. We’ve worked with COLES delivering Pizza’s, IKEA to launch their catalogue giving out samples of the food they serve in IKEA store, other clients include Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Continental Cup a Soup, we delivered free coffee in 5 states at the same time for 50 days straight for Colorbond to celebrate their 50’s year anniversary, they have coffee to all of their clients from the past 50 years. We’ve also worked with Praise, Four ‘n’ Twenty and more.

Food truck sampling is one of the most successful ways to get your latest product known to the public as it also creates a community buzz around the food truck. Locals love to come and hang out and post photos, share the food and generally spend time together having some fun and getting given something nice to try for free.