Bulla creamy classic tour has begun

The Promo Wheels food truck is on the road again. This time we’re giving out one million samples of Bulla’s new creamy classics frozen custard. Come find us in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne. Look out for teams in your neighbourhood, all of the dates and locations are listed below so you can easily find our food truck samples. Bulla is excited to bring a new dessert into Australian homes right in time for summer, with the launch of their first ever Creamy Classics Frozen Custard. The delicious frozen custard is made in Australia and couldn’t be tastier or more refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Come taste the food samples and you’ll realise it’s the perfect addition to bring to dinner parties and summer BBQ’s or to just enjoy at home with your family. Kids are loving the new flavour and just image how good Bulla’s frozen creamy classic custard tastes with apple pie or even with fruitcake for Christmas parties. Don’t miss out on trying the samples you can find us in the following locations.

15th -16th September: Chermside Shopping Center  
19th -24th September: Rotating venues in Brisbane CBD Queens Mall
26th -1st of October: Rotating venues in Brisbane CBD Queen’s Mall
3rd -8th October: Garden City Westfield 
10th-15th: Cardindale Westfield  
17th – 22nd Chermisde  
Gold Coast Pacific fair:
24th-28th October
31st -2nd October Westfield Penrith
3rd-4th Real Festival Penrith
5th November Westfield Penrith
7th -12th November of Waringah
14th- 19th – Spring St Chatswood 
20th Woolworths head office Norwest
22nd, 23rd, 24th TBC
25th Centenary Square Parramatta
26th TBC
28th -3rd December Westfield Liverpool
5th- 10th of Dec Westfield Eastgardens 

15th – 24th December Federation Square 
2nd – 7th January Westfield Knox 
9th -14th Westfield Plenty Valley
16th – 21st Chadstone